It all started with an accent…

Yes, moving house can be extremely exciting. Especially if the move involves another country, another language and another culture. In 2013 I moved from Italy to Philadelphia. After all, I had been studying English since I was in elementary school, which was a long time ago. I graduated in English and Spanish Literature, studied in UK and used English at work every day since. And when my hubby told me: “I have a Dream” (like someone else) and that he was really taking into consideration to move abroad, I felt pretty ready for it. So, where is the problem?

Well, when we finally moved to Philly, which is another story to tell, I thought I was speaking a perfect English, with that posh Londonese flair. Instead, my Italian accent popped out every time I opened my mouth. People kept asking me to repeat words, showing their effort to figure out the origin of my accent.  In a scale of frustration from 0 to 10, I almost got to the top.

After over 30 years of study, I have to admit that I have lost my battle against my Italian accent and I have started to accept it as part of me. After all, it is funny when someone tells me: “You have an accent, where are you from?” , with an intriguing smile on his face. It is a good way to start a conversation with people, to see what they think of Italy and of the Italians, to compare, to share experience, to learn. My Italian accent is not a burden. It is my key to enter the American life instead.

Yes, living America… the Italian way!


3 thoughts on “It all started with an accent…

  1. I’m an American living in the U.K. Periodically someone asks when I’ll lose my accent, and the answer is never. For starters, at my age it’s not likely–I’m 68–but it’s also a deep part of who I am. And if Brits go to pieces at the way I saw “butter” and “water,” so much the better. As long as it’s done in a good spirit, I’m fine with it.


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